Asphalt Gypsy

perusal score

Violin and guitar, 1999

Duration: 4 minutes

Program note:
Asphalt Gypsy was composed in December 1999, inspired by a variety of flamboyant string instrument styles, and the virtuosity of the members of Duo46 for whom the piece was written. Two basic ideas alternate throughout the work: a chordal texture which opens the piece using strict contrary motion in the outer voices, and a dancing melody drawn from the octatonic scale. Hints of Eastern European and American folk styles find their way into the piece - not as direct quotes, but as influences just below the surface of the music. The title is meant to suggest something of the traveling musician, in the tradition of ancient wandering minstrels and in the modern incarnation of street fair, subway, or concert hall performers.

Commissioned by Duo46

Recorded by Duo46 on “Fables, Forms, and Fears”, Meyer Media, MM07008 (2007) and on “Untaming the Fury”, Summit Records, DCD-346 (2003)