Medium Funk Prelude

Wind ensemble, 2000

Duration: 3 -1/2 minutes

2 Flutes
2 Oboes*
2 Bassoons*
3 Clarinets in Bb
Bass Clarinet
Contra-Bass Clarinet**
2 Alto Saxophones
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
4 Trumpets in Bb
4 Horns in F
2 Trombones
Bass Trombone
4 Percussion
    1: Xylophone, Vibraphone
    2: Triangle, Mounted Tambourine, Hi-Hat Cymbal
    3: Snare Drum, 2 Tom-toms
    4: Bass Drum

*If Oboe or Bassoon are unavailable, cues are provided in other parts to cover the music.
**The Contra-Bassoon and Contra-Bass Clarinet are highly desirable, though not essential, as they have no independent parts. Score is transposed.

Program Note:
Medium Funk Prelude is a brief dance in which a small group of figures are transformed and tossed about the ensemble. The title comes from thumbing through a jazz fake book, where tunes are given tempo markings such as slow swing, fast samba, or medium funk.

Recorded by The University of Florida Wind Ensemble, David Waybright, conductor, Musique Francais et Americaine, Mark Records, 3837-MCD (2001)

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