One Step at a Time

Clarinet Choir, 2008

Duration: 6 minutes

Clarinet choir, 2008

1 Clarinet in Eb
3 Clarinets in Bb 1 (with 1 soloist doubling on A Clarinet)
2 Clarinets in Bb 2
2 Clarinets in Bb 3
2 Basset Horns
2 Bass Clarinets
1 Contralto Clarinet
1 Contrabass Clarinet
1 Contrabass

Numbers are a minimum, additional players may be used if desired, and are recommended for Clarinets in Bb 2 and 3. Alto Clarinets in Eb may be substituted for Basset Horns if necessary. Contrabass is optional, but highly desired.

Program note:
One Step at a Time begins in the lowest register of the lowest instrument, climbing gradually through the first half of the piece to the upper reaches of the highest instruments. Scalar motion prevails, and stepwise relationships are imbedded within each of the themes.
This piece was originally commissioned, in a version for five clarinets, by Buffet Crampon USA for the 2008 Buffet Crampon Summer Clarinet Academy faculty. The present version was created for Professor Mitchell Estrin and The University of Florida Clarinet Choir in appreciation for their steadfast devotion to new music for the clarinet.

Published by Jeanné, Inc., 2008.