Organ, 2009

Duration: 16 minutes

5 movements:
   I. ... with blasts of the shofar
   II. ... with harp and lyre
   III. ... with timbrel and dance
   IV. ... with lute and pipe
   V. ... with resounding cymbals ... with loud-clashing cymbals

“Praise” takes its titles and inspiration from Psalm 150:3-5, where we are implored to praise God with various musical instruments. In each movement, the organ is asked to imitate the sound or gestures of these instruments. A Yemenite folk melody frequently used with this text in Hebrew is incorporated into the third movement, and fragments of chant melodies used in the High Holy Day services accompanying the blowing of the shofar are used in the first and last movements.
“Praise” was composed for organist Laura Ellis, and is dedicated to the composer’s father, Cantor Stephen Richards, in honor of his 75th birthday.

perusal score

mp3 of IV. ... with lute and pipe